Multi-Factor Authentication

*Only follow if you did not received the email in the Push setup

Step 1:

Download Rapid Identity Ping Me Application.

If on mobile select one of these two buttons to download app

If viewing this page on desktop, with your phone camera app scan the QR code.

(Open camera application and point at the image. You will be prompted to open a page).

Step 2:

Open Rapid Identity Application

  1. Tap the + sign on the upper right corner

  2. Tap “Add Manually”

  3. Tap “Add a server Account”

  4. Enter the following Server address:

Continue to Step 3

Step 3:

  • User Info screen

    • Username = <myVCCS username>

    • Authorization Code = Enter myVCCS password

    • Tap “Submit”

Step 4:

  • Choose a six digit Pin code, then tap “Submit”.

    Please do not forget this pin code as it will be used if you do not have biometrics on.

You have completed your Push Authentication setup!

Next time you login to the portal you will be prompted on your phone to Accept.

Is may take up to 2 min for you to be fully enrolled.