Rapid Identity TOTP Setup

Download RI PingMe

If you already have the app skip to step 1

In either the Apple App Store or the Google play store search for "RapidIdentity"

Or on your mobile device select one of these two stores.

  • Step 1

    1. Go to your desktop visit the portal. On the portal you will be presented with the login screens as usual.

    2. Enter your myVCCS username and click “Go”

    3. Then enter your password

    4. You will be presented with the TOTP setup screen with QR code.

Step 2:

Open the Rapid Identity Application

  1. Tap the + sign on the upper right corner

  2. Tap “Scan QR Code”

Continue to Step 6

Step 3:

After selecting “Scan Barcode” your camera will show a box on the screen

Center the camera “box” over the QR barcode and Ping Me will automatically create a new item in your list of systems with the name “myVCCS

Step 4: Final Step

Enter code displayed on your Ping Me application